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Blog posts by Ross Manthorp

001 224 blog
GameMaker Studio 2 Version 2.2.4 Out Now!
Posted by Ross Manthorp on 8 October 2019

2.2.4 introduces a big update of the build toolchain to match the requirements of Android 10 and ... More »

001 blog
The Tricky Relationship Between Wishlists and Sales
Posted by Ross Manthorp on 18 September 2019

We recently spoke to a few GameMaker Studio 2 developers about the art and science of wishlistin... More »

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Something About Level Design In Alien Escape
Posted by Ross Manthorp on 5 September 2019

Alien Escape is a puzzle platform adventure out now on Steam and Switch. Creator NOFUEL GAMES ha... More »

001 chicory blog
How Painting Works in Chicory: A Colorful Tale
Posted by Ross Manthorp on 29 August 2019

The following blog comes from Greg Lobanov and is an exploration into how the interesting painti... More »

001 kick blog
How To Run a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign
Posted by Ross Manthorp on 1 August 2019

While game development may be more accessible than ever today, it’s easy for a title’s scope to e... More »

Feature image
A Minimalistic Approach to Storytelling Design
Posted by Ross Manthorp on 25 July 2019

Eduardo from Green Lava Studios takes to our blog with a light-hearted and humorous take on the ... More »

001 blog specialeffect
SpecialEffect on Game Accessibility
Posted by Ross Manthorp on 5 July 2019

SpecialEffect are an award-winning charity that enable people with physical disabilities to bene... More »

003 blog post
Programming and Class Engagement
Posted by Ross Manthorp on 20 June 2019

While many students enjoy playing video games, is it possible that making video games can play a ... More »

Csd cropped compressed blog
CSD: Difficult Games, for Everyone
Posted by Ross Manthorp on 9 May 2019

Maker of indie games such as Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! and the Oil Blue, through his company V... More »

Ss blog
Transitioning from Desktop to Mobile
Posted by Ross Manthorp on 2 May 2019

81monkeys is a social and mobile game developer who released Sudoku Scramble, a two-player Compe... More »

Forager fbkblog 1200x630
Forager: Optimization In GameMaker
Posted by Ross Manthorp on 24 April 2019

About the Author: A little over a year ago, Gabe “lazyeye” Weiner discovered the joy of programm... More »

Fbkblog buildinglevelswithlevelhead
Building Levels with Levelhead
Posted by Ross Manthorp on 18 April 2019

Levelhead is the latest release from Butterscotch Shenanigans hitting Early Access on Steam today... More »

Text header
Bullet Pattern Design in The Textorcist
Posted by Ross Manthorp on 5 April 2019

Morbidware and Headup Games have graced us with the following tech blog on their latest game 'Th... More »

Stable ide 2
GameMaker Studio 2 Version 2.2.2 Release
Posted by Ross Manthorp on 26 March 2019

GameMaker Studio 2 version 2.2.2 has now been fully released! 2.2.2 sees a major update to our Sp... More »

Jet lancer
Going Beyond 2D With Simple Tricks (And Using 2D Tricks In 3D)
Posted by Ross Manthorp on 21 March 2019

Vladimir Fedyushkin and Nicolai Danielsen are working on Jet Lancer! Nicolai has written the fol... More »

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