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YoYo Games Publishing FAQ

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Posted by Ross Manthorp on 25 May 2018

Following our publishing announcement:

We hoped that many of you would feel encouraged to get in touch and share the progress on your game. You haven’t disappointed, our inbox is full of great content from highly skilled teams. A few questions have cropped up quite regularly, so I thought I would use those questions as the basis for a blog post.

1. I’ve submitted my game, what now?

Firstly, thanks for sharing with us. We will get back to you, probably while we are appraising your game. Be aware that during this initial phase it may take us a bit longer than usual. The volume of submitted games will be greatest at this point. We also need to appraise all the games that have been submitted to us before we make any decisions.

2. I’d like to submit my game. How do I do that?

Simply send us information on your game. That may include:

  • Screenshots and video
  • Playable build
  • Design documentation
  • Timeline and planning
  • Team information

We are former developers, so we’re used to seeing work in progress. Don’t feel you need to polish anything up significantly before talking to us. If you can show the level of polish you can achieve, perhaps on a previous project, that’s good enough for us.

The email address to use is

3. My game is in quite early stages, is that okay?

Our initial priority will be games that are reasonably close to completion. It’s good to talk though, especially if you are interested in getting a critical opinion on what you are doing, so don’t be afraid to send early work.

4. What terms are you offering?

The terms depend on several factors.

YoYo will consider any game made in GameMaker. That could range from a sprawling RPG, released across multiple console platforms, to a free to play hyper-casual mobile game.

This diversity means one deal could look very different from another.

There’s a good article on negotiating games deals here:

5. Will you fund the development of my game?

Funding development isn’t something we’re considering at the moment. Our priority is to identify games that are closer to completion and help bring those to market successfully.

6. My game isn’t made in GameMaker, will you still publish it?

We’re only looking for games made in GameMaker. It doesn’t matter if your game is in GameMaker Studio 1.4 or 2. Maybe we can even assist you in transferring over to 2.

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