Another Perspective

Platforms PC
Publisher Shaun Spalding Games
Developer In-house
Release Out Now

Another Perspective follows the very confusing adventures of a man who is looking for something that he can't quite remember.

He soon discovers he has the power to seemingly just become a different person in a different place and see reality in an endless number of different ways. Combining these thoughts and realities leads him to progress or do something that resembles progress, but this new found ability deeply confuses him and concerns him. He is then left with the quest of not only finding whatever it was he was looking for, but also of just making some kind of sense out of the world around him.

Awards & Recognition

Winner of the first place prize and "Best New Game" award duting the YoYo Games Win Big contest!
– July to August 2013


“Hands down, Another Perspective is a great title with a great hook. For me it was the perfect blend of simple but not bland, challenging yet not frustrating.”
– 4/5 Enemyslime

Games Features

  • Multiple perspectives that allow you to see each level differently.

  • Mind-bending puzzles that need you to consider all worlds at once.

  • Mechanical twists that can leave your character upside down or twice as big.

  • Original story following a man stuck in a story that doesn't actually make any sense.

  • Multiple playable characters! or... is it just one character? I'm not actually sure.

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    "GameMaker compliments my skill set perfectly!"

    Shaun Spalding, artist/programmer, Shaun Spalding Games



    About Shaun Spalding Games

    Previously employed as a designer at Ubisoft Reflections, Shaun is now an independent game developer based in Newcastle. He loves to make games as a way of expressing himself and gets a huge kick out of seeing people enjoy his work. As well as just game development, Shaun puts a lot of time into producing educational resources and video tutorial content for game development using GameMaker: Studio.

    Seth Coster

    Shaun Spalding artist/programmer, Shaun Spalding Games

    “GameMaker is still one of the industry's biggest secrets. It makes things so easy for a designer in so many ways. I get to just do my thing, and be a game designer spending my time iterating, tweaking and developing content as opposed to writing endless engine code. As a developer with a mixed background in scripting, artwork, animation and game design, GameMaker compliments my skill set perfectly."