July YoYo News

Posted on 15 July 2011


Press Release: YoYo Announce latest game Ninjammin Beat-Jitsu

Posted on 7 July 2011

YoYo Games Announces the release of its latest game "Ninjammin Beat-Jitsu"

First post on new Site!

Posted on 4 July 2011

Welcome to the the new YoYo Games Website and happy 4th July! 

New YoYo Website launch

Posted on 1 July 2011

We are still on target for launching the new site! Our current customers/visitors come to the site for different reasons but through Google Analytics we have broken down what these are. The site should hopefully demonstrate a cleaner landing page and easier navigation to where to go next.

Creative Game Challenge Competition winner

Posted on 27 June 2011

Jesse Vogel wins Grand Prize Game Creative Challenge 2011 based in Utrecht University, The Netherlands. He won the first prize of 1500 euros in the original puzzle game Project W made entirely in GameMaker.

Project W, No cgc10095
Project W is a platform / puzzle game. The icebergs in the Arctic melt and sea levels rise. Countries threaten to overflow, so you must save those countries. This is done by means of levers that open and close locks. So does your water and undergroundwater level drops. Each level is a red line to see until the water level down so as to unlock next level.

In this game, the theme of the contest - Water - is the central role. The properties of water determine the gameplay. The subject of the game - the world free from flooding, is also well reflected in the levels where the player every time another country helps to lower the water level. Project W is a fun and original puzzle game with puzzles that are hard enough to get stuck, but not so difficult that you'll be driven to despair. There is a good build-up in the difficulty of the puzzles. The design of the game can be described as 'oldskool' and is implemented consistently throughout the game.

Read the full jury report here (in Dutch) on all the finalist games

The jury consisted of the following members:


Posted on 24 June 2011


YoYo Website plans

Posted on 21 June 2011

Further to the first glimpse of the new site, we've had a number of responses to this both good and critical. This is good. The reaction to restrict uploading games to the YoYo site to version Standard 8.1 was illuminating. We know whatever we do, some of it won't be popular but in line with the purpose of creating a new site, we feel strong change is necessary. Let me try and explain where we are coming from...

Super Snake HD is here!

Posted on 16 June 2011

We are ssssssseriously happy to finally release our brand NEW game - Super Snake HD!

Jack joins YoYo

Posted on 13 June 2011

Big welcome to Jack Oatley who has joined YoYo HQ last week!

YoYo in Worlds top 100 game studios

Posted on 3 June 2011

Today we are announced on Develops list of the Worlds top 100 game studios!!!

Karoshi and other news

Posted on 31 May 2011

Karoshi version 1.1.0 has now been submitted for approval to Apple, and is now already out on Android from Friday!

News Roundup

Posted on 26 May 2011

Small reminder that GameMaker Standard 8.1 will only be on sale for $25 until June 1st 2011 - then it will go up to $39.99! This will not affect upgrades which are free to those who have GameMaker 8 (with a valid purchase reference).

New YoYo Team Members

Posted on 20 May 2011

As promised, cast your eyes on the latest team members in our ever expanding busy team!

Simply Solitaire HD update!

Posted on 19 May 2011

The new update for the very popular Solitaire game is now out!


Posted on 13 May 2011

GameMaker News

There is a new update for to GM Standard 8.1 this week!

In brief this means if you are a school, its easier to install by no longer being a requirement to install as Admin only.

You also now need to install from the installer to get the fix for the file association. The correct URL that takes you to the installer is -

I know a few of you still have had problems upgrading despite having valid keys, we apologise for any frustrations in this and we have resolved this by adding a new screen that shows up when you load GameMaker Standard. For upgrading, it requires your license key only (additional email no longer required). For any doubt, make sure you follow the instructions below;

*Make sure you update (you must be online).

*Enter license key (this can be found on the email sent to you from YoYo Games). Enter the full serial number NOT the purchase reference.

*If you do not have a license key then you need to go to the store and enter your purchase reference (from softwrap). The amount will go to $0. You will be sent an email from YoYo Games that will provide you with a valid licence key.

This should do the job, but if you still have any problems contact us at the helpdesk - and NOT by email. We do not have any contact emails that we can deal with the amount of queries we get so please make sure to speak to us through here.

All of latest upgrade info can be found listed in glorious technical detail here

Game Releases

Simply Solitaire is simply one of our most popular games to date, and we have some added juicy features being added for your gaming pleasure! This will include the introduction of OpenFeint and a host of new achievements with new cardback designs.

OpenFeintAchievements (36 Achievements)
Twitter & Facebook integration

Options updateNew Options layout
New Card backs
Stress Toy

Game Center Achievements36 Achievements

In-game Achievements36 Achievements

This will available on iOS and Android hopefully next week.

We are aiming to have some fresh new game releases out the door as well which we are currently tweaking, fine tuning, adding, etc til we get them good to go.

YoYo News

What's the latest buzz at YoYo Towers? As you already know, Sandy has said we have a few new recruits to the office which we will intimately reveal one by one once we have them chained at their desks :)

Some of the YoYo boys are off to Utrecht next week to plan world domination (or perhaps just a curry) with Prof Mark Overmars. Good things can only come of this :) More to show and tell next week if they let me...

The Game Creators Academy in nearby Kirkcaldy are running a games competiton, which are all GameMaker based, on Thursday 23rd June. The Adam Smith College run courses for school pupils aged 14 – 18 where young people will get the chance to learn simple programming techniques. Over 150 entrants to the competition are going to be shortlisted into categories with a panel of guest judges (Guess who). We're going along to give our tuppence worth (and some YoYo swag) seeing as its just down the road from us. Expect to see photos of our grinning mugs amongst the next gen designers of tomorrow soon!

We've not had the time to dedicate to the website as we would have liked until now. Now we've been able to turn to it and see it in the cold light of day; there's a lot of dust isn't there? There's a lot things we are doing and want to do with GameMaker and YoYo and the site needs to show that. So, we are in the EARLY days of plans for this, and will looking to you nearer the time for some input into getting the most from it.  You will get your chance to have your say but we'll direct that over the forums, just be patient til we have something to show you :)