Simply Solitaire Goes Premium with Deluxe

Posted by YoYo Games on 23 February 2012

Simply Solitaire Deluxe

Get immersed in this uniquely styled version of Solitaire.

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GameMaker: Studio Closed Beta - Promotion

Posted by YoYo Games on 21 February 2012

YoYo Games are delighted to announce that five lucky people will be given early access to the Closed Beta of GameMaker: Studio this March. On the 1st of March 2012, all those that have liked the YoYo Games Facebook page ( will be entered into a prize draw to win entry into the Closed Beta of GameMaker: Studio.

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Marks joins YoYo Games

Posted by YoYo Games on 17 February 2012

Please welcome Nocturne aka Mark Alexander to the YoYo Games Team this week! Mark (previously a moderator on the GMC) has now joined us to 'head up' the documentation of all things GameMaker such as helpfiles, tutorials, demos and wiki.

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Reflexions now on GetJar!

Posted by YoYo Games on 17 February 2012


We are pleased to announce that Reflexions, our casual puzzle game is now available to download free-of-charge from the GetJar website.

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Skydiver Drop Zone now on GetJar!

Posted by YoYo Games on 16 February 2012

Skydiver Drop Zone

We are pleased to announce that the ad-free version of Skydiver Drop Zone is now available to download for free from the GetJar website.

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GMC Game Jam #5 Winners

Posted by YoYo Games on 16 February 2012

The GMC Game Jam winners have been announced and it's a tie for first place! Congratulations to TrueValhalla and Ziggler1 who will each recieve a copy of GameMaker:HTML5 amongst a host of other prize goodies.

1st place:

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Simply Poker Squares now on Sale!

Posted by YoYo Games on 14 February 2012

Poker Squares

Simply Poker Squares, the addictive solitaire card game, will be on sale at a new price of $0.99 (US), £0.69 (UK) and €0.79 (EUR), down from the original price of $2.99 (US), £1.99 (UK), €2.39 (EUR). This offer will be available until Tuesday 28th February 2012.

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Pocket Gamer 2012 Awards

Posted by YoYo Games on 10 February 2012

YoYo Games has been nominated for 3 categories in the Pocket Gamer 2012 Awards!

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Froad - YoYo Games NEW release for iOS and Android

Posted by YoYo Games on 7 February 2012


Help Froad catch his favourite bugs in this fun filled game for all the family

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News from YoYo HQ

Posted by YoYo Games on 6 February 2012

YoYo are delighted to welcome Piotr 'Gnysek' Gnys who joins our team today (all the way from Gdansk, Poland) as a Junior Games Programmer! Piotr was previously an administrator, PHP & GML developer at GMCLAN.

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Gaming competitions 2012

Posted by YoYo Games on 30 January 2012

This year in the Netherlands the Creative Game Challenge is again taking place. This is a game development competition for Dutch highschool students, organized by Utrecht University and supported by YoYo Games. This year’s theme is Collisions. All games in the competition are created using GameMaker, and large prizes can be won. The top prize is 1500 euro. So all Dutch GameMaker users that are in highschool (VWO, HAVO, VMBO) are recommended to participate in the competition. You must register before the end of February and submit your game before the end of March. For more information, see:

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YoYo Games and BAFTA

Posted by YoYo Games on 27 January 2012

We are lucky enough to have been asked to get involved with BAFTAs Young Game Designer 2011 winners - Nose Dive Studios

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GMC Game Jam no#5

Posted by YoYo Games on 26 January 2012

It's that time again. Co-oinciding with the Global Game Jam this weekend, you are spoilt for choice :) Prizes include GameMaker:HTML5 and T-shirts from YoYo games and a whole host of donated community prizes! The standard for the entries has steadily been growing pretty high and we are excited to see what comes out from this. See the talented winners of the last jam here.

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Global Game Jam 2012

Posted by YoYo Games on 25 January 2012

YoYo Games are the official sponsor of the Global Game Jam (GGJ) a 48hour event to take place worldwide on 27-29th January 2012.

YoYo Games are supplying entrants with GameMaker:HTML5 to use FREE to all entrants. This will be limited use for the competition purpose only and will expire once the competition is over, a whole 2 months in total expiring at the end of April (subject to the GGJ terms and conditions). Please see our YoYo Global Jam page here for full details!

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Posted by YoYo Games on 18 January 2012

Imagine, if you will, a world without Wikipedia, a world without Google, a world without sites like YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Reddit, even that image in your head? Good, read on..

You might think “Hah, you’re talking about the time before the internet,
or China, or Iran or something like that, yeah?” Sadly, we aren’t. This is a potential reality today, world wide.

By now, you have no doubt already heard of SOPA and it’s sister bill PIPA. It’s proponents wish to use it to stem the flow of copyrighted material, but unfortunately, it’s flawed, very, very flawed.

At YoYoGames, we respect copyright. We have a duty to protect our own material and certainly don’t want to infringe that of others. We know how hard it is to create and maintain; brands, intellectual property, goods and services.

Today the main news is that the popular crowd-sourced online encyclopedia is participating in an "Internet blackout" in protest of two controversial US anti-piracy bills: The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and its Senate companion, the Protect IP Act (PIPA).

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